Random Insights: June 14, 2011

News you might find interesting.

Exercise. Yes, exercise. Just do it. This author suggests 10 minutes three times per day. How hard could that be? Really?

Lance Armstrong in Provable Trouble. If they can’t catch on doping, witness tampering will have to do. A la Martha Stewart, the F.B.I. opened an investigation into whether Armstrong’s confrontation with Tyler Hamilton, former teammate of Armstrong and chief witness in the criminal doping case being built against Armstrong. Ah, well, perhaps he’ll make a false statement to go with the witness tampering…Look what it’s done for Martha Stewart’s career.

How to replacement cheap labor? What? The Governor of the Great State of Georgia proposes that unemployed probationers should be put to work on the farms of Georgia. These probationers could replace immigrants who bypass Georgia for other states which appreciate their skills and work ethic. Oh, and states that don’t threaten to deport them for driving while brown. You might also recall our grand Governor was shocked to learn that crops would rot in the field for want of workers. Really, I think the farmers expressed the same concerns BEFORE he signed the bill.

Listeria in your cookies? If you eat Kellogg’s cookies, you might want to check your cookies against this FDA warning. Some benefits to being gluten-free.

The title says it all. This your brain on ads.


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