Random Insights: June 12, 2011

Perhaps some explanation of your news this week…and other tidbits…

Why they left? Newt Gingrich’s staff left because…ta da…his wife’s veto power over EVERYTHING. At least, that’s what Maureen Dowd recounts in her Op-Ed piece. Importantly, Dowd reminds us Gingrich’s indiscretions which lead to his leaving two different wives for his then mistresses while the wives were suffering medically. Also, Gingrich prosecuted then President Clinton’s White House dalliances while carrying on an affair with his then mistress now wife. Gingrich would like the public to believe he’s changed. Sounds like he’s traded his former sophomoric behavior for following the edicts of a woman bent on controlling him. Not really an improvement.

Speaking of sophomoric. After everyone turned on him, Congressman Weiner agrees to seek leave of absence and obtain “help.” Wouldn’t it be easier to resign? Wouldn’t it be simpler to shrink from the spotlight? Perhaps the whole rehab drama will ease the transition from “master of the universe” to regular man?

My kind of Reality Media. On most Sunday mornings, the NYTimes posts an article about some famous New Yorker’s Sunday. I find the banal comings and goings quite interesting. Today’s feature, actress Jessica Walter.

The Cloud is cool, but is it Secure? Analyzing the security of “the Cloud.”

Bad Storms Result in Higher Food Prices. Dear Mr. Bernanke, You failed to mention the Midwestern storm damage with the higher food prices that follow among the economic “bad things” at your last announcement about interest rates. Will you include those storms and the resulting higher food prices  as one of the “bad things” impacting economy? Ladies and gentlemen, start planning now for higher food price to go with the higher gas prices.


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  1. aiken

    I still chuckle over Gingrich’s “misfortune;” LOVED the article

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