Money’s Worth

Today's Bounty from the Athens Farmer's Market

I found great joy in my trip to the Athens Farmer’s Market today. Unaccountably, the variety of offerings and my purchases have inspired great satisfaction.

Before last week, I never knew “lemon cucumbers” existed but the cucumbers add a different taste to salad. This week I was disappointed to learn that the red fire lettuce has gone to seed and there will be no more this season. What great lettuce, though, glad I had an opportunity to enjoy it. I also purchased the light green peppers, called flavor burst. I can’t wait to add that to a recipe.

The happiest part of the trip? I spent $14 and left with a large bag of food. Real food. Food that can be eaten over the week. Not just one meal. Oftentimes a trip to the grocery store  leaves me wondering where the rest of my purchase went. How much? And all I get is a little plastic bag?

Supporting local farmers, eating fresh food imported from, oh, Jackson County or Madison County, finding new food varieties that I can’t find at the store, how exciting is that!


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  1. Love this post. Yes I do. I liked the news summary too but this one even better! Thx, Nat

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