Entertaining News: June 11, 2011

Some stories you might have missed.

Symbiosis: Goats, Sheep & KudzuUsing goats and sheep to clean out that kudzu patch. What a great idea! It’s only taken decades to figure out how nature would solve the kudzu problem. Georgia has plenty of kudzu to keep the goats happy. “They demolished the underbrush and the ivy,” Brown said. “They were super, super quiet until they started to run low on food.”

Your gut knows? Report of an interesting study about the bacteria in the “gut” and the role that bacteria may play in one’s future. The human body is strange. Just when the scientists and biologists think they’ve got it figured out, we hear something new.

Pawn Stars. Rick Harrison is surprisingly knowledgable about many things. Don’t know that I’ll read his book, but I do enjoy his discussions of history on his t.v. show.

The Les Paul Guitar Doodle. This doodle will play music. If you’re a music fan, you may not realize it but you owe a debt to Les Paul, guitar designer extraordinaire. Find the doodle, and enjoy.

Feel Good Story of the Week. The Texas Rangers used their 33rd round pick to select Jonathan Taylor a paralyzed UGA baseball standout. Taylor is undergoing physical therapy now. What a great thought from the Rangers! They will now have a UGA fan base.

Stop texting in the movie theatre. One Austin theatre chain has created the funniest PSA to prevent texting during your expensive movie experience. Check it out. Uncensored, no kids please. Hilarious.



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  1. aiken

    Heard the interview of Rick Harrison on NPR as I drove home last week; bought the book & am just about finished with it. VERY enjoyable read. I LIKE Rick Harrison. Agree with your comments on the kudzu & goats – what a hoot! Miss you! Love to see you sometime.

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