Anthony D. Weiner, Congressman from New York, and world class sexter, admitted today that he had indeed sent inappropriate photos (at least inappropriate for a sitting Congressman-the porn industry might beg to differ) to women other than his wife. He apologized, a marathon 45 minute apology. Weiner will not resign.

One friend pointed out the unfortunate pun in this case. Another asked where is the shame when the events are happening? Where is the consideration of family, of constituency, of potential embarrassment?

The politicians and “masters of the universe” believe that no one can hold them accountable. No one will discover the secret, the thrill. These people are above reproach in their own minds. Enchanted with the power, the hero worship, the self-important self-agrandizing machines of promotion believe their own hype. Humility evaporated.

These folks act like two year olds. They do whatever they want without a thought of the consequences. No fear, no shame, no sense. Until someone, usually an adult, points out sternly or harshly the error of the child’s ways. The child then expresses shame. Shame at being caught or being told “no” but not for having committed the act. A child must be told no in order to learn what not to do! We call that creating boundaries.¬†Sadly, two year olds have an excuse. They’ve never be told not to commit the acts. Adults must teach children the mores and boundaries of polite society.

Politicians have no excuse, but they do have the same response. Predicate shame faced apologies without a hint of actual remorse. Perhaps, the voters can find some boundaries to enforce during the next election.


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