Random News: June 5, 2011

Stories you might have missed.

Do what you love and the money will follow! A font designer who loves his job. He took his hobby and found a vocation. We should all be so blessed.

Dear Mr. Murdoch: I’ve paid for a subscription to the NY Times, must I still be subject to the full page ads that interrupt my reading? What exactly am I paying for?

Who’s idea was that? The New York Times tracked down, sort of, the alleged victim in the case against John Edwards. She cares not how he used the money. Why does the U.S. Government?

Gourmand Pets? Get a grip. Apparently some pet owners serve gourmet food and treats to their dogs. I do not understand. “Does not compute.” My dogs eat Dog Chow. I’ve been accused of spoiling them because I let them hang out the couch. Clearly, I have no idea.

Second careers with gluten free results. Apparently, gluten free is the new fashionable food. I eat gluten free to avoid chronic stomach pain. These folks have left careers and found a second working life as gluten free bakers. Hopefully, another example of “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

More help for anxious kids. Granted, he’s not cheap. But child psychiatry could be helpful for kids with anxiety at any income level. Just takes finding the right person. Helping children with anxiety could change their lives and help them be more productive earlier in life. Other communities have therapists who can help children at much lower rates.

Depressing news about the Housing Market (unless you’re a buyer). Living an hour from Atlanta, in Georgia (these are two very distinct locales), we tend to be effected by the Atlanta market, as distinct as we may be from those city people. The AJC is reporting that the Housing Market continues to slide downward. Bad news for sellers, but great news for home buyers.

Narcotics sales on internet new target? More of the Federal government targeting low hanging fruit. Two U.S. Senators want “federal authorities” to investigate internet site that sells illegal narcotics. Wow! Last week, we learned that the Attorney General wrote states with legalized medical marijuana that the long arm of the Federal Government would pursue criminal charges against those state authorized businesses. Then, the “federal authorities” indicted John Edwards for “misappropriating” rich people’s money. Here’s an idea, why don’t the “federal authorities” pursue and prosecute the drug cartels that dispense marijuana and cocaine, in its various forms, to the wider population? Why don’t the “federal authorities” use their resources to track down those who created the torpedo that sunk our economy? Too hard. They just want the easy way to make headlines. We’re tough on crime while crime persists on the streets of America.



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  1. Karl

    Sadly the part of Atlanta where I would like to live is still very expensive. I could totally do a 15k house in Virginia-Highland area though!

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