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Our world revolves around food. We just do not realize it until the need arises. As I massaged the curing seasonings into my recently acquired ¼ of a pork belly, I wonder how long before I can enjoy this as bacon. The fridge holds precooked bacon ready for heating on the stove because sometimes I’m just too impatient to wait for the regular kind. The pork belly seasoning will continue at least another 5 days.

How would any of us survive without fast food on the corner, groceries imported from South America? My mother grew up on a farm, where food was harvested from around the farm or exchanges made for what else was needed. Today, we can all shop for any the groceries we need, and much we don’t, at the local supermarket. I remember picking beans, shelling peas as a child. This produce packaged in plastic containers stored safely in the freezer until we needed it in fall and winter.

Life used to require planning, long term planning. What crops would be planted? How much to be kept, how much to be sold? To meet the families’ needs, a strategy had to followed, thoroughly and completely. These days if one knows what to order before arriving at the speaker of the drive thru window, that is considered planning.

Since my change in eating habits, cooking is necessary. Produce delivery service, shopping at the local farmer’s market, seeking recipes for vegetables and fruits I’ve never cooked. Without the possibility of eating at a different restaurant every night, my choices and decisions have changed.

My expectations for foods and purveyors of food changed as well. On this, day 12 of excluding refined sugar from my diet, my palate has changed dramatically. Oils used to cover mediocre food burst to the forefront of my tastes and I recognize the deficiency of restaurant produced foods.

Cooking, the planning, the shopping, the executing, has become a form of meditation for me. A time to focus my attention on the doing, the journey, instead of impatiently expecting the resultant food. The smells, the seasoning, enhance the entire house. How could have missed out on this experience for so long?

The refrigerator smells of rosemary, garlic, and thyme as the pork belly cures into bacon. I can see the left over sweet potato curry and green salad waiting to be eaten. My future meals sit in the crisper, my opportunity to nourish my mind and my body through cooking and eating.

Meals taste so different. Fresh produce properly seasoned not overcooked. How wonderful!


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