Saturday’s Random News: June 4, 2011, First Installment

Stories you might have missed today…with my perspective.

Strange. Twin brothers, both Catholics friars, 92, die within hours of each other. Just odd.

Magic, with specifications. A magician’s trick set up improperly almost took his life. Another odd story.

Job Hunting. The AJC features an article about job hunting in this economy. Discover the unsuspected rigors of McDonalds. No really. The people that I represent struggle through this process daily. The job market differs greatly from when I was a teenager. And I haven’t looked for a non-professional job in more than 15 years. It’s tough.

John Dean to Teach Ethics. Really, should John Dean be teaching ethics? Guess, we’ll find out. As this article points, Dean’s actions caused a storm of ethics reform, or perhaps implementation of a code of ethics, in the Bar. Standards are good. His goal: teach what not to do. This act, I applaud.

Food Safety Regulations. Will Europe’s E.coli plague visit increased regulation on the U.S.? I am torn on this issue. I oppose federal regulations, rules set out by administrative bureaucrats instead of legislation vetted by elected officials. On the other hand, the cattle industry may exercise more sway over this process than should be based on what’s healthy NOT what’s good for the political pocketbook. Reading this article I learned that beef, at a certain level, is distributed with some minute forms of E.coli. Really? That’s disturbing.

J.R. Ewing’s Thrift Sale. Larry Hagman, a/k/a J.R. Ewing a/k/a Capt. Anthony Nelson (I Dream of Jeannie), auctions off memories from “Dallas” and “I Dream of Jeannie.” I enjoyed both shows, but purchase some of that stuff, it was the 70’s and 80’s who wants that?

More later in the day. Just not ready for some of the really irritating issues on this beautiful Saturday morning.


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