Low Hanging Fruit

The United States Government presented and obtained an Indictment today against former Senator and former Presidential Candidate (rival of the sitting President) today. Best I figure he’s been indicted for “misappropriating” the money of rich people who wanted to help out the then Golden Boy of the Democratic Party and potential future president.

Here’s my question: Why waste the money and time to indict Edwards for “misappropriating” campaign funds when no one has bothered to bring charges against those high flung bankers who torpedoed the economy?

For all we know, those rich Democrats gave the money to Edwards gladly to cover up his affair in order to get him elected President. Then they would have a good bit of info to keep Edwards “honest” or in their pocket. Yes, I am that cynical because we all know that it’s possible. Second, I find it ironic that the Justice Department sought charges against their boss’s former rival. Could they be upset that Edwards “wasted” the money that Obama could have used? Finally, why Edwards? People feel betrayed by Edwards behavior. Should that the basis for a federal prosecution?

Holder, et al, should be prosecuting the egotists for undermineing the economy. Why can’t we find the bigger picture?



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2 responses to “Low Hanging Fruit

  1. Holder is the one that should face criminal charges. He uses his office as a political tool unlike any AG I can remember. Edwards deserves public shaming – but as society has lost all values I wonder why we even bother.

  2. salmonandgrits

    I SERIOUSLY doubt that Holder makes these decisions in isolation. He’s out there operating on his own…He’s a puppet.

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