Random News: June 2, 2011

News of the day, from my perspective.

Ethics? What are those? What about common sense? Octomom’s fertility doctor lost his medical license in California. He chose to place emotionally fragile women in a physically dangerous position (carrying too many children, not just Suleman). A woman on these hormone treatments, who will go to the lengths of the treatment for infertility, have trouble making routine daily decisions in some instances because of the medication. And his lawyer blames these women for the choices? (Yes, I know it’s his job…that might work with a jury, but the medical board?)

Extending their 15 minutes. The family of the balloon boy plan to auction off the balloon that didn’t carry the stowaway child. Their plan for auction profits is noble, for Japanese earthquake & tsunami relief. Still, are they only attempting to extend their 15 minutes of fame? They made the  announcement by video…

Reminder of where many Americans live. The local Athens weekly, The Flagpole, reminds us that 1 in 13 Americans lives behind bars. These folks rely on meager government resources for medical treatment, mental health services, shelter and sustenance. Yes, many are criminals. But…a better approach to rehabilitation and sustenance might find a reduction in this population. Politicians, don’t strain yourselves. Logic will give you a headache.

U.S. Attorney General Maybe Using Logic. Due to inconsistent “mandatory” sentences for crack cocaine which imposed much lengthier confinement than powder cocaine charges, Eric Holder endorses a plan to retroactively reduce sentences. How much money will that save the Feds in sustaining people in prison?

Insight, for all, Not Just Veterans. Benjamin Tupper wrote a telling opinion piece about the effects of anxiety on military veterans. Titled, Anxiety trumps Logic, the piece outlines his personal struggle with anxiety after leaving the military. I will suggest to you that in many places and many instances, anxiety of many varieties trumps logic. This condition permeates society. Anxiety creates fear, fear creates bad decisions. Hence, Congress and state legislatures make bad decisions out of fear of losing their jobs. In no way is their anxiety ANYWHERE near what our veterans suffer. But, the same base condition.



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2 responses to “Random News: June 2, 2011

  1. Love your blog, Nancee. Just LOVE it!

  2. salmonandgrits

    Thank you! Great way to share my crazy world view without harassing people on facebook.

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