Memorial Day 2011

Interesting news of the day from a variety on sources.

Intellectual Stammer. Editorials discussing President Barack Obama’s “intellectual stammer” abound, including this LA Times editorial. While I am no defender of the President, anyone who speaks unscripted on a regular basis understands this condition. When prompted to a thought, many ideas assault the consciousness. The necessity of sifting through these ideas on the fly with lights and cameras, or in my case a room full of people, focused on you and you alone, creates a great deal of pressure. The stammering is actually a positive step. The President’s fully functioning brain is sorting out his thoughts. Would you prefer the alternative? An incompetent buffoon who is either tied to a script or answers questions with incoherent and embarrassing responses. (Tea Party Followers, please don’t answer, we already know…)

Double Standards. The IMF still applies the “old rules” for their Board. While employees follow a strict code of conduct relating to ethics and harassment, the Board self-polices the behavior of its members. That’s like letting the 5 year olds govern themselves. Are these people really above reproach? Until someone commits a crime in the U.S., I suppose.

Improving Economy? The LA Times reports small improvements in the U.S. economy. Forgive me, but these signs indicate a behavioral change by many Americans. This behavioral change with understanding of the situation is what this country needs. Change will not happen if we continue to behave as though money is growing on trees. More savings, reductions in credit card debt. What progress!

Running a small business. Here’s an article with advice on running a small business.

Europe’s E.coli scare. Apparently, the Spanish organic cucumber scare is spreading beyond Germany. What causes such an outbreak? Is this something we missed historically but has been happening all along? Or is this a new problem?

More pyramids? Cool technology makes intriguing find, pyramids under the ground.


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