Free: The Keys to New Year’s Resolutions

As I watch television during the annual season of change that leads to disappointment, I’ve come up with a weight loss, life improvement solution. While I could write a book and make millions, the injustice and unfairness of taking people’s money would cause me guilt.

Here’s the solution:

(1) Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, the less cooked or accented (read sauces and fats) the better. A friend with food allergies described her diet as eating closer to the ground. Natural foods closer to their natural states retain the beneficial nutrients.

(2) Eat less fat, fast food, salt added, sugar added foods. As a Southerner fried food is a staple. My boyfriend and I walked into a chain burger place the other day and the stench of the grilling grease made me nauseous. This feeling should have been my first indication that my body did not want to intake such substances.

(3) Get some exercise. Walk around, clean the house (avoid the chocolate while doing so), buy a table to double as a standing desk to get some work done. The “experts” disagree on how much exercise is optimal. My point: moving around and getting the blood flowing is better than sitting in front of the t.v. End of discussion.

(4) Make a different choice. If you find yourself in a rut, staring aimlessly at the t.v. or the computer, choose something different. Whatever you’ve thought about but never tried. Small steps toward change are a much broader path to change than grand resolutions with little follow through.

(5) Make time for contemplation. Whatever your religion or lack of it, we all need time to disconnect and calm the mind. During the last year, I’ve taken to mindful meditation. The change begins slowly but the impact is tremendous.

Happy New Year!


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