Georgia’s New Money Pit

As State of Georgia employees see benefits shrink and unpaid furlough days, the Honorable Sonny Perdue announces that he will appoint a “special attorney general” to sue the United States government over health care reform. Why, pray tell, must Georgia retain “special” counsel when the State has an elected Attorney General? Partisan politics. The current attorney general Thubert Baker, Democrat and lawyer, is running for Governor. Did you know, this is an election year? Perdue, a Republican and veterinarian, believes that the recent healthcare legislation should be challenged.

Now, after threatening the livelihoods of thousands of State employees and releasing many others from employment for lack of money, Perdue proposes to hire an attorney to file this splendid lawsuit. Creating a special attorney general is not as simple as hiring one lawyer. No, a lawsuit of this type will require several lawyers, support staff, and researchers. First, the attorney(s) will need to research the issue, thoroughly, to determine if a suit is viable. Next, pleadings will be drafted. Mediation will probably be ordered. Court hearings. Negotiations. All the while, money will be spilling out of the State’s coffers. I would sooner bury the money in a pit than invest it in a frivolous lawsuit.

I would like to ask Governor Perdue how he can justify this useless expense when the attorneys that the State already pays for are required to take furloughs and reductions in pay. We have gotten the government for which we voted. Now is the time to speak up! Say something.

Whether or not you agree with the healthcare legislation, the expense of this lawsuit to the State will be enormous with little to no positive results.



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2 responses to “Georgia’s New Money Pit

  1. I agree with you 100%, this governor needs a job. I am sick and tire of politicians and a lot of the talk show hosts are even worst.

    Let’s start a true revolution . . . NO MORE POLITICAL PARTIES ALLOWED IN THE US!!!!

  2. Karen Ferrell-White

    I am so glad to see someone else taking note of this. I heard a quick interview with Baker a couple of days ago; he indicated that it would be, essentially, a waste of time and money: it cannot win, and it would take a ridiculous amount of money to pursue it, as you note. I am well aware that Baker is running for governor, but I don’t think it was a purely politically based argument; I have seen some statistics elsewhere which tend to support what Baker said. I’m wondering now when the other states which are planning to sue will be held to account about the huge amount of money it will cost to send forward a suit that is doomed before it even begins.

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