Can we improve?

The N Y Times reports on a study that our nation’s high school dropout rate directly correlates to the prison population. For those of us who work in the criminal and juvenile systems know this all to well. In fact, one wonders why a study was required.

Of the people that I represent either as counsel or guardian ad litem, most can articulate difficulty reading and writing. Some with great self awareness acknowledge illiteracy. Why do academics waste time on conducting studies of what people doing the work already know? Because academics identify problem, they do not solve them.

I challenge those academics to generate studies on fixing the dropout rate. Real fixes tested on kids. Perhaps look into long term suggestions beginning in pre-K or perhaps education of parents on how to raise children. Please stop telling up what we already know.



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2 responses to “Can we improve?

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on the drop out problem. Except . . . you know . . . there’s the pesky, non-p.c. notion that not everyone needs to finish h.s. Heaven forbid we start recognizing students have SKILLS and could use things like PERSONAL ACCOUNTING along with PRACTICAL ENGLISH, which might enable them to function more happily and successfully in life. But we won’t mention that.

  2. I changed blog titles — sorry!

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