Crime, Crime, Everywhere Crime

Recently in Georgia, news broke that school officials from four counties altered the test answers of struggling students on standardized tests. These alterations boosted the test scores of those four schools and changed each school’s classification under no child left behind. The erasure marks on the score sheets led to an investigation by the State school officials.

Now, one legislator proposes a way to resolve the problem: criminalize the alteration of test responses. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the way to resolve failing schools and broken education systems is to create a new criminal charge. No, the Georgia General Assembly does not need to spend time focusing on repairing and revamping the State’s educational system and find more money to make these repairs. The General Assembly should spend time, money and energy creating a new crime which will be almost impossible to prove and burden an already underfunded, furloughed law enforcement system in this state. (Imagine getting a jury to convict a teacher of a crime like that!)

So, Dan Weber, spend more time fixing the state education system, Mr. Senate Education Committee chair, instead deflecting the issue to gloss over the real problem!


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  1. The Troll Witch

    AMEN and AMEN!!

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