When Reality Strikes!

The media, apparently still in love with President Obama, now recasts Mr. Obama’s policy shifts as “pragmatism” and being “unafraid to disappoint supporters.” News flash: Reality Bites. Reality struck the Obama administration squarely in the jaw. If Mr. Obama intended to keep the promises he made during the campaign, the real issues and impact of the promises have provided a rude awakening. Promises made to ivy tower, left leaning idealists have now been stopped short by the dirty, unclean reality of a world that fails to fit into the models and scientific methods of liberal ideal world.

One must consider however that perhaps the Obama campaign wave was a show. During the campaign, Mr. Obama’s speeches offered to please all of the people all of the time. No politician can agree with and support divergent opinions and keep everyone happy. Did Obama just tell people what they wanted to hear? Now, the President has stated that this country cannot continue to incur debt. Really, Mr. Obama, because you continue to propose debt based funding bills. Are you seeking to tax those of us who work at a higher rate to support our fellow citizen? Are you laying that groundwork? I hope not. Tea parties are just beginning of outrage for taxpayers. 

The other option: reduce the size of government. Is that what President Obama is seeking? We can only dream. But don’t hold your breath!


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