Presidential Prerogative

A day after President Barack Obama announced that he would support the continued use of military tribunals to dispose of some cases involving terrorists I read that Karl Rove was questioned by federal prosecutors regarding an investigation related to the firing of U.S. Attorneys during the Bush administration.

Yesterday, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs danced like a boxer dodging blows. His response to questions should have started with…The President of the United States believes modified military tribunals are the best way to handle these issues. That should have been the end of the discussion. Obama was elected President and he has the prerogative to change his mind. No explanation necessary. But, Mr. Gibbs sounded like an unprepared 8th grader presenting a book report.

Presidential prerogative: Mr. Obama, if he accepted that concept, would also have to accept that the President has the right to make many decisions, including who will be prosecuting attorney for the United States. If he chooses to fire U.S. Attorneys, individuals appointed to serve at the pleasure of the President, then he can. If the President chooses to stop the release of CIA photos, he can. If the President chooses to modify the rules and continue military tribunals upon further consideration, that’s his decision.

A President exercises the right to be surrounded and supported by the people he chooses. If a President chooses to release individuals who are appointed, but not serving lifetime appointments, then why not fire them? Did anyone forget that President Clinton did the same thing? Is the U.S. Attorney investigating those firings as well?

The ingenue, Senator Obama, shifted to lead actor, President Obama, but had no idea the magnitude and impact of his earlier naive speeches. The knee-jerk liberals elected the ingenue but increasingly find disappointment in the lead actor. Grow up! The administration needs to “act like a man” in the words of Don Corlene to Johnny Fountain. Make a decision and everyone in the administration should stop APOLOGIZING for decision making. If y’all don’t want to make necessary decisions, Mr. Cheney would be happy to do it for you.


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