Not clear cut

CIA Director Leon Panetta issued a memo contradicting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s allegations that the CIA lied to her and others in Congress. Speaker Pelosi’s account of the events has shifted from day to day and week to week. NPR however reported yesterday that former Senator Bob Graham’s review of his notes on CIA briefings showed erroneous information being distributed by the CIA. Graham asked the CIA for dates of his briefings, reviewed his famous notes for those dates, and discovered that of the CIA’s alleged briefing dates he had only been briefed once not four times.

So, I am curious why no one is exploring Senator Graham’s claim, regardless of the machinations of Speaker Pelosi. I’m no fan of the Speaker and will probably be the last to speak up on her behalf but what of the discrepancy Senator Graham found. The CIA admitted that their records were erroneous. Who will explain this? Does this impact Speaker Pelosi’s statement(s)? Also, Panetta’s memo directly contradicts Pelosi. Is the administration setting Pelosi up for the fall? Or is she simply a casualty of her own brash, outspoken personality?


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