At what point, priorities?

Amidst all the cut-back/bankruptcy talk, across the board government cutbacks may begin to bite back. District Attorneys, local prosecutors of crimes, discuss cutting back the pursuit of certain crimes. Public outrage at the mention of relieving such duties, even lesser misdemeanors, caused on District Attorney to cut his salary, instead.

How long, then, will government continue to treat all agencies equally? At least on locality that called on citizens to reduce water usage due to drought is now planning to raise water rates. Government officials need to find the areas where cuts or amputations can be made. What services are necessary? Law enforcement. But also jails, the court, prosecutors, public defenders. Utilities? Water, yes. Leisure services? No. Not really.

Reelection be damned. The economic crisis needs realistic cuts to government. Not protection of pet projects or further tax increases.


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