Random Thoughts of a Fevered Mind

Why do we want a Supreme Court Justice who doesn’t focus on the law? President Obama is shopping for a touchy feely lawyer who will look beyond the four corners of the Constitution and the statutes. Great. Why not appoint a 5 year old?

Why was the government even involved in negotiating on behalf of Chrysler? The government attorney shouldn’t be anywhere near this discussion of “threats” to hedge funds. Instead, the government attorneys are denying threats to hedge funds. When did we get to this point? Oh, ya, inauguration day.

Where is Zinkhan? My bet is Costa Rica or the bottom of Lake Herrick.

Who cares what dog the Obamas got? (Nothing more to say).

If the government can just print money, why don’t they give it to use directly instead of stimulus money filtered through this, that and the other…?

Arlen Specter may have helped those other elephants discover that they need a plan.


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One response to “Random Thoughts of a Fevered Mind

  1. Interesting perspective and great blog! I will follow your posts.

    To take full advantage of it, I think Obama needs to appoint a young politician or lawyer that is loyal to the liberal roots, basically. This will give the votes that Obama needs for a very, very long time to come, depending on how young this person is.


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