Snow Days

Athens, Ga March 1 and March 2.


This is Sunday afternoon







This second shot of the chair is Monday morning. Much more snow.



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2 responses to “Snow Days

  1. Piper

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  2. HEY! I’m getting around to checking blogs–not the ones I assigned my class, mind you, the ones I WANT to read. Yours is first on my list! I LOVE the snow pictures. I declare! I think half the fun of having the snow was walking around–okay, for me, it was primarily standing around on the porch, but I did venture off . . . once–to take pictures. It was AMAZING! I need/want/should . . . pick a verb . . . get off my duff and put pix on a blog. I could do that . . . BUT YOURS ARE ALREADY HERE and I LOVE the one of the chair. You should take a pix of it every season, then print and hang them together. Better than the varied Andy Warhol portraits that keep getting copied and popping up here and there. I’ve got great ideas–as long as I’m not doing the work. lol Love you lots, darlin! And your little blog, too!

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