Service Industry?

As the economy tanks, people working in the service industry start to believe that tips are an entitlement. Quite frankly, a tip or gratuity is not part of the payment required when eating out. Lately, the service I’ve received at chain restaurants has been hit or miss. Best I can tell, the restaurants create the situations initially by stocking people back to back like firewood. Then, waitstaff overwhelmed by the work, fall far short of expectations. 

Unfortunately, orders are entered wrong, people are human. But those of us who choose to eat out instead of cooking for ourselves expect that our orders will be completed properly, that our drinks will be served and be refilled in a timely manner, and that our server will have some clue when the order exits the kitchen incorrectly.

I am tired of my comfort and enjoyment being secondary to the expectation of gratuity. Gratuity should be earned. In the economy my money and time have value. My angry decision is that servers will be judged based on their work. Tips will range from 1% to 20%. Formerly, the minimum I would leave is 10%. But some service is so bad that 1% may be deserving.



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4 responses to “Service Industry?

  1. TIP – To insure performance. You are dead on in thinking that service is slipping, not that it was ever really that great in Athens to begin with. I eat out less than many, since I discovered that I enjoy cooking, but when I have gone out lately, I have noticed everything from acceptable to surly, but nothing above average. That is, with the exception of a great waitress in Savannah, who more than earned her 20% tip.

  2. I always give my tables the best service that i possible can. and when i go out to eat i expect the same. that is how i earn my tips. i make $2.13 and hour then my tips and the irs taxes my tips. there are weeks when i do not get a paycheck, but im not complaining. I love when my tables feel full and happy when they leave. and i always make it a point to invite them back. that is how everyone should be treated when they go out. i take my orders and bring my drinks out. at my restaurant we are actually required to pay people out of our tips to bring out the food, but i still try to bring out my food, and make it a point to ask them if they are enjoying it. that is how an experience should be. and thats why i love my job, crappy wage and all

  3. salmonandgrits

    I still recall the 6 months that I spent waiting tables. The non-chain restaurants in town seem to offer better service but the food prices are higher end, too. The servers at chains seem to be either sloppy or exhausted, I can’t tell which. But, I am just tired. I had really good service Tuesday night and didn’t think twice about at 20% tip.

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