Is it malingering?

Newly minted Senator Roland Burris (D-Ill.) failed to mention…no, wait…no one asked during sworn testimony…no, strike that…is just correcting the record…oh, forget it. Newly minted Senator Roland Burris (D-Ill) has been outed by documents released on Saturday as a lawyer, a wordsmith and generally one attempting to skirt the spirit of the investigation of now former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. 

Reports today, Sunday, February 15, 2009, indicate that Burris had three conversations with Gov. Blagojevich’s brother regarding assistance with fundraising for the Governor prior to Burris’ appointment to the senate seat vacated by now President Barack Obama. Burris was asked, according to new reports, whether he had conversations with Blagojevich’s brother  during sworn testimony and denied such conversations. Now, after being sworn in as Senator, Burris reveals that such conversations did take place.

Is there a finite distinction about the question asked and the information withheld and later disclosed? Who cares? The Illinois State Legislature is calling for a perjury investigation. Can this situation get any worse? Perhaps for Burris, Blagojevich’s brother believes one of these conversations was recorded by the FBI. 

Why do we as voters tolerate such fact skirting? The intention of the investigations was VERY clear to Mr. Burris. In fact, no one in the entire country was unclear about the concerns related to Mr. Blagojevich’s behavior and intentions. Failing to disclose a conversation whether Burris provided the remuneration or not is intellectually disingenuous. Now, Burris faces an investigation and possible indictment for perjury when he could have simply disclosed the conversation and been done with it. Why do elected officials and hopefuls for those offices believe that they are above the law?

Whatever the answer, the rest of are left wondering what the hell our government is doing.



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2 responses to “Is it malingering?

  1. its the same thing happening right here with our newly elected Mayor. above the law syndrome!

  2. salmonandgrits

    Apparently, his behavior is more than malingering. Fundraising? Seriously?

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