Why bother?

Why do I bother listening to the news or reading the media on the web? First all the information must pass through the media bias filter in my brain (or the sensationalism filter if I’m watching foxnews). Then, I must remember that I can do practically nothing to correct the injustices being perpetrated at every turn. Finally, disillusioned I turn on reruns of “House” and I am reminded that “everybody lies.”

President Obama promised transparency in his administration. Then he complained when the media peppered him with questions about controversial appointments. Did he think that the media would keep the kid gloves on when Bush and his crew vacated the White House? President Obama issues new rules relating to working as a lobbyist and formerly working or beginning to work in his administration. Then one employee is discovered to have just left a lobbying job. Well, the administration said, he’s an exception. Really? Ethical rules are good until they effect an employee you want? Hypocrisy.

Appoint and the Senate CONFIRMS a man to serve as head of the Treasury Department, which includes the IRS, who failed to pay thousands of dollars in taxes after being informed that he was responsible for those taxes. Then appoint someone to run Health and Human Services who failed to medicare taxes and taxes in general on perks of his job. Man, I wish someone would offer me a car & driver…

The discussion moves from the election mantra of “Hope” to the reelection watchword of “catastrophe.” My head is spinning just watching how quickly Obama made his about-face. When the “stimulus” pork product called a bill was in jeopardy, President Obama took to prime time t.v. to remind the wolf he needed to be knocking on the door. Seriously, that people have opinions about what would stimulate the economy, are elected to express those opinions, and challenge the logic of the ruling party should be NO surprise to the Democrat Party. But they persist in hurling word bombs at Republicans who thankfully found the nerve to stand up and question what this Country really needs to stimulate the economy and move forward.

Senator Judd Gregg, hailed as an example of bipartisanship, removed himself from consideration as a cabinet member yesterday. Apparently, Senator Gregg found the idea of being a straw man less energizing than taking action.

In the end, why do I bother? Because I love this country and its history. Staying up to date on the idiocy means knowing how this glorious system created lo those many years ago, stills serves us today.


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