Reason Moves In

Now these few days since the inauguration of President Obama, some elected officials found reason and rationality, to some degree. This week Republican Senators stood up and challenged some of the “stimulus” pork that Speaker Pelosi included in her House stimulus bill. No, this bill is not President Obama’s bill, the bill is the creation of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

In reports yesterday, February 6, 2009, Reid bemoaned the temerity of Republicans to challenge the bill. Unfortunately for Senate leadership, some Republican senators remember that their job is to evaluate a bill BEFORE rubber stamping it. When Reid was in the minority, not so long ago, he would have conducted his business the same way or even in more extremis. As Republicans and Democrats acclimate to the role reversal on a major controversial issue, the American public can only sit by and hope that a rational answer to the question of repairing the economy can be found. Cutting a billion dollars from the stimulus bill is significant. That’s less interest we’ll be paying later on.

The problem though is that no one knows whether this stimulus will have ANY impact on the economy. The President, the Speaker and Majority Leader may crow about the dissent as much as they want, but no economist backs their plan in total. None of the items cut by the bipartisan agreement is necessary to stimulate the economy because no one knows what will provide the “fix.”

Dissent is good. Reason should win out over fear. Perhaps reason will remain.


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  1. I keep thinking, shades of FDR, who amazingly got re-elected term after term even while keeping the country mired in depression for a decade and a half with his New Deal. Offer the people a handout — regardless how chimerical — and they go blind to the lessons of history (that is, if they ever realized them to begin with). I agree with Ronald Reagan’s sentiments: “The most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.'”

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