When Hope Fades

The inauguration euphoria has spread like wildfire across the country. The major news outlets provide wall to wall coverage of everything Obama. The energy is certainly contagious. Millions of people gather in Washington, D.C., in anticipation of a fleeting glance of a famous person. The ultimate goal: Obama.

What happens on January 21? The bunting is removed, hangover in full force, what then? Barack Obama cannot by act of executive fiat change this country. While some decisions will reverse executive acts of the preceding administration, his plans for public works and jobs require review by 535 sets of eyes. How long will this take? Did Congress learn their lesson with “TARP”?

Congress will need to examine the parts of Obama’s legislation. Since being burned by the banks who refuse to report on TARP disbursements, the American public should demand some accountability for the taxpayer dollars being freely handed-out to millionaires to reestablish companies that these millionaires have run into the ground. Accountability in all choices. Accountability for government, for recipients of funds and for individuals.

Individuals must make better choices for themselves. The government will not bailout individuals. Private industry will not bailout individuals. Americans must find a way to rely on ingenuity and self-reliance to bail themselves out.

Hope and optimism will fade. What will replace them?


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  1. nat

    hey, i’d like to think at least we have a new set of eyes. action speaks louder than words. we’ll have to just wait and see. 🙂

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