Needed: Good Sense

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Many commentators have asked “What caused this economic crisis?” My answer: people abandoned their good sense and ability to conserve for get rich quick schemes and the hope of living beyond their means.
At this point, the question shifts to how do we fix this problem? In reality, no one truly knows. A spending spree by the government may not be enough. Unless people, that’s right, taxpayers and the like change the way they live their lives and spend their money, NOTHING will change.
We as a people need to live under an austerity plan. Perhaps we’ll have to forgo the luxury items, the new cars every couple of years, the meals out and the expensive alcohol.
We must get back to paying the bills before spending money on luxuries.
Otherwise, we’re doomed to continue bailing out banks for loaning us money we should NOT have borrowed in the first place.


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