Real Progress?

Yesterday, Reuters reported that a Connecticut lawmaker believes that the Federal government should bailout local newspapers. Their basis? These local small town newspapers report on stories ignored by the major media.

My question: How did the United States find its way to this point? A government founded by individuals who sought a common government only for defense against aggressor states now has elected officials who want government to pay to bailout the auto industry, protect banks from their idiotic loan practices and cover small town newspapers that fail to manage their money properly. 

The Freedom of the Press. Having fled the stifling suffocation of totalitarian monarchs, the founders sought to insure that the government would have no CONTROL over the information conveyed to citizens. Now, lawmakers and publishers entertain the idea of seeking a “bailout” from government. The government as the lender would be permitted to place conditions on the loan. What is to say that the government would not place controls on the media? The Federal government gained control of rogue states drinking age by placing a minimum drinking age condition on all transportation funds dispersed.

The media needs to find a better way to market it’s product. Reduce the paper length, return to black and white publications. Just understand a media beholden in any way to the government is not a free and open media. If the media worry that further distributions of loan payments will be withheld because of honest but government negative reports, then this country is doomed.

Then, again, the media worship President-elect Obama so religiously, perhaps they did have an alterior motive. Will Obama help the media in the same fashion that the media support him? Would Obama select the news outlets who provide favorable coverage for this over those who asked the hard questions?

The US has evolved in any number of beneficial ways. The wholesale bailout of those industries with a good lobby over the sinking of small businesses and individuals is not progress. This is digression, digression to the world the Founding Fathers fled.


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