Common Sense Underlies Gun Rights

The U.S. Supreme Court this summer ruled in favor of the right of Americans to bear arms. This proclamation however never mentioned common sense with respect to fire arms. Simply because one may carry a gun does not mean that one SHOULD carry a gun.

Take for example Plaxico Burress, NY Giants football player, who this weekend managed to shoot himself in the leg in public. How completely embarrassing! According to a NY Times report, Burress managed to pass through the metal detectors at the club which became a potential crime scene with the firearm. 

I am curious to know why a person would carry a pistol (I assume the firearm was a pistol) in such a dangerous way. How do we know it was dangerous? He shot himself. Properly maintained and carried a firearm will not hurt anyone unless a person pulls the trigger.  Unfortunately, people like Burress who treat guns like toys and care not for their personal safety or the safety of others provide fodder for the left who would ban all guns.

Burress lacked common sense in the carrying of and management of this firearm. He is an example of those who fail to respect to power and danger associated with guns. A display of common sense and respect would have spared Burress the embarrassment and potential legal troubles.


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