Curiouser and curiouser

The Screen Actors’ Guild lives and operates in a vacuum. SAG apparently fails to appreciate the extreme impact of the last “Entertainment Industry” strike on the television industry. On top of that, SAG fails to comprehend how the economic challenges that our citizens face will impact whatever sympathy factor consumers of their product will carry for those poor oppressed actors.

No, SAG’s vacuum encompasses those living in Los Angeles and New York. The rest of us who derive some type of pleasure from their product worry about our 401Ks, IRAs and home mortgages. Nay, those SAG decision makers fight about minutiae never realizing that their target consumers do not care. After a month without new shows, consumers will  be lulled into oblivion.

The target consumers of entertainment will move on from dramas and comedies. The screen sitting in their homes will be transformed into a conveyance for more of those hideous “reality” shows and competitive ping-pong will become an instant hit. Sadly, the people of SAG living in their zone of unreality overlook the fact that viewers, true viewers, watch infomercials and hours up hours of the weather channel. Viewers, or consumers, will either turn off the t.v. in light of a new pasttime or just watch crap. 

A new pasttime will be the death of the entertainment industry. Once consumers find a new way to spend time, t.v. viewing will dwindle. Perhaps folks will read a book or exercise, simply the enjoyment of a mental challenge will convert t.v. viewers into non-t.v. viewers.

Fortunately, the leadership of S.A.G. continues to blow smoke and threaten a strike. Please give me an excuse to turn off my television. Perhaps I’ll find something productive to do with the time I used to spend watching my favorite shows. Dramas will not be replaced with reality shows or ping pong. Nope. I expect that I am not the only one. Curiously, SAG doesn’t care about my t.v. viewing habits just profits for those who already make outrageous amounts of money.


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  1. Emily

    Actually most actors are paid very little. Only the really famous ones that get into big-budget box office hits and prime time tv shows make outrageous amounts of money. Another tragic result of the Hollywood acting stereotype.

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