Ah, Post-Change

President-elect Obama has now moved to the “Post-Change” category. That must be the answer because otherwise Senator Obama’s pledge for “Change” was a complete waste of precious oxygen. Honestly nothing says “Change” like hiring established White House veterans to fill the White House and set policy.

Personally, I am truly beyond this change discussion. President Elect Obama has backed off the Change rhetoric since the election. He’s now on to the “Bailout” and anti-Capitalist rhetoric. Last I checked the U.S.A. was Capitalist. Using government money to “rescue” companies that produce products that consumers CHOOSE not to purchase sounds completely ANTI-Capitalist.

The question becomes is he post-Change or just a liar? Or will the automaker bailout signal the beginning of the Change? Will Obama’s recently voiced reticence about change mask his ultimate plan to undermine the Capitalist economy?


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  1. Monica

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. The staff he’s implementing is the same cast of characters from the Clinton years (including Hillary Clinton). It’s going to be an interesting 4 (hopefully) years!

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