2008: Advanced Voting Experience

Today, I chose to vote early instead of my preference for actual election day. In Athens, one can vote either at the Board of Elections or the Classic Center (civic center). While standing in the cattle lines, a man who was also in line to vote asked John and I if we knew the party affiliation of the Court of Appeals candidates. As politely as I could muster, I indicated that the election was non-partisan. He continued to ask people how to vote WHILE STANDING IN LINE. This man did indicate that he should have done better research before coming to vote. Seriously? And he gets to vote and choose who will be deciding cases in the Court of Appeals. Yikes!

As we entered the voting and another cattle line, a woman began asking the already busy pollworkers if she could get a printout of her vote to PROVE how she voted today. She did not ask quietly. No, the whole place could hear her. She continued pressing the issue and got agitated to some degree. I feared she might start some sort of revolt. She said that she’d been asking for that for 8 years. Honestly, in the 19 years that I’ve been voting no one has ever been able to make a copy of a vote. What is the world coming to? Did she want to post this one her refrigerator?

Not to mention the guy standing the big holding room who looked at the Sample Ballot and said “I don’t live here who do I vote for. Well, I live here now. But, I don’t know who to vote for.” Crimminy!

Why do people persist in being hardheaded? If you don’t know who to vote for, then don’t show up to vote. If you keep asking the same question, year in and year out, and get the same answer, why continue? If you seek a change, DON’T wait until you show up at the polling place and harass the volunteers. Challenge the people who make the decisions. And GROW THE HELL UP.


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