A Day without My Computer

Yesterday, I left my laptop in the trunk of the car: A day away from the computerization of the world. Sugar and I walked twice yesterday, she’s usually dragging me. I replenished the coffee from Jittery Joes, deposited a paycheck, and bought groceries for the weekend. Instead of surfing the net, I took a nap and watched Game Day and then watched football.

Also, I finished reading a book. You recall books, those paper and ink bound things that line shelves? Really a good investment of time. I can’t wait to read more?!

But I’m back on the computer, because writing is somehow needs to be done on a computer.



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3 responses to “A Day without My Computer

  1. Monica

    Sitting in the car for 8 hours a day helps. I’ve read five books in the past 3 months.

  2. salmonandgrits

    That sounds wonderful.

  3. Yep — I’ve discovered I can steal 30 min. at lunch and read, if I’m very lucky and hit the traffic just right. I find a shade tree and park and read. Not enough, but a bit . . .

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