Gasoline drying up?

So, for the first time in several weeks, I decided to fill up my car, in need of gas. The nearest BP station lacked 87 and 89 octane gas. That’s ok, my car should get 93 anyway. The price was only $4.09 (not bad considering the prices this summer. The station asked customers to limit input to 10 gallons per fill up. Well, alright, I suppose I can be kind, 10 gallons it is.

I stood there for half and hour while this black gold literally trickled into the gas tank. What kind of scam is that? Should I appreciate the gasoline more if I must wait hours to fill the tank? This situation is ridiculous.

Just fyi for the gas companies: I’ll be acquiring a bicycle! The mode of transportation will get me back and forth to work and stores. That will cut down on the mileage on the car, and hopefully my waist line. Your lack of stock in Athens-Clarke County will be impacted. This community has far more liberal and eco-friendly people than me-they probably already have bikes. You are losing money and will only lose more the longer this takes. Apparently, the hurricanes were the inverted your nightmares: production was not significantly impacted BUT you can’t get the supplies caught up fast enough to meet our demands.



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3 responses to “Gasoline drying up?

  1. batguano101

    Review the history of gasoline and diesel pricing back to the start of refining in the USA, cerca 1908.

    You will find some interesting things.

    Before the current spin on every storm justifying increased gas prices, there were none.

    During Hurricane Carla, a larger storm than Ike, plants on the Houston Ship Channel operated through the storm with crews at the plants.

    Of course this is a scam.

    How else can you jack up pump prices with crude prices falling?

  2. Monica

    $4.09 for premium! What a deal! I paid $4.19 for regular, only because I was on fumes. I only got $25 worth, which got me about 1/4 of a tank. I felt like I was in college again. Hopefully, that will hold me ’til prices go down or the supply is “replenished”.

  3. They can jack prices because of the fuel blends that are now regional. We are out of gas because the refineries that make Georgia – Atlanta formula were the ones shut down. This is exactly why some of us argued that the “greenies” were going to end up screwing us in the long term. If we were allowed to buy the same gas as other areas, we could buy their surplusses, but we are not able to do that so we wait without gas or with Soviet style limitations so that some damn tree hugger feels good about themselves. Do not ever call this a free market.

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