As the 2008 Election campaign trudges on, the headlines from both parties highlight the sensational allegations and responses of each party. Shouldn’t the public be asking what plan each candidate has for the country? Shouldn’t each side issue position papers about the issues facing the country?

No, instead of the candidates driving the discussion, the media pushes personality issues instead of substance. If someone doesn’t start talking about the issues and details, everyone who votes will be gambling on the future. 

Technology has provided us, the general public with faster information and more information. Has anyone bothered to filter that information and distill it down to what is useful and what is wasteful? Nope. We all get caught up in the drama. We’ll get the government we deserve, not the government we need.



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2 responses to “Progress?

  1. To be fair, I am no McCain fan as you are aware, but I must say that he has produced many paper and plans, the media is caught up with the personas instead of reporting the issues. This is due to severe laziness on the part of the media.

  2. salmonandgrits

    I’m just asking for issues instead of accusations. This mudslinging and fingerpointing reminds me of grade school.

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