Why the Media Should Apologize!

Dear Politico.com:

The media should apologize for not thinking before speaking. Are questions about the candidate valid? The candidate’s record? Absolutely. You liberal minded writers have valid questions.

When you ask, HOWEVER, whether a woman should be at home raising her child instead of running a state or a corporation you have turned the clock back entirely too far and shown misogynist roots! When the teenage daughter of this candidate has made a difficult choice-why should she be vilified?

Keep on topic. Ask your questions. Just remember, no one asked if she should be barefoot pregnant but y’all came damn close. Being a sexist will get you criticized every time.

The elitist problem the media will never get over. Until you understand the intricate workings of a small town, y’all will never understand how simply elitist you really are.

Thanks for your attention.



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Filed under 2008 Election, Media, News, Politics

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