Any Publicity…

Governor Sarah Palin’s family and gender provide the Republican Party with something they can’t buy: lead stories in every major newspaper in the country AND a backlash against the liberal, sexist media. The media has yet to discover that regular folks really identify with Palin. Raised to believe we could do and be anything that we wanted, regular folks do not know “their place” in society while the elitist Democrats and the yellow media continue to remind them of “their place.”

Guess what? We vote and we blog.

You yellow journalists get a clue: we don’t care. You green eco-friendly mudslingers are wasting paper and trees.

Why do you not pick on Senator Obama’s six months as a Senator before beginning his run for president? Why do you not investigate his relationship with Tony Rezko? Why do you not ask if HE should be concerned about his children’s upbringing in the White House?

Why? Because the liberal, yellow media intend to protect Obama from Obama. The liberal, yellow media have decided that Obama should be President and we the public should eat the drivel the media dishes out to us.

If the best issue the media have against Palin is her GENDER and her FAMILY, then the Democrats have a larger problem and the Republicans have the media vetting accomplished within a week. The good side: Palin-worts and all-will be out there and she will be able to address her positions and the issues.

Palin doesn’t deserve the negative press. No person does. No woman should be subjected to HIGHER scrutiny than any other person running for office. Fortunately, McCain picked a tough, strong woman who is a seasoned veteran of small town life. For you citified elitists out there, small town life is MORE vicious than anything you dish out for her.

Leave the children alone. Keep the headlines coming. The more Palin’s name is in the headlines-the less Obama’s name appears there.

Oh, by the way, I’ll now be watching a speech that I had not intended to watch and I expect many others like me will listen to her as well. The Republicans should say thank you.


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  1. There’s something not right about the idea of Bristol Palin’s reasonable fair game. How Sarah got the job OTOH …

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