Back to the Future?

The Old Grey Lady shows her stripes today. She published an article where women question the ability of a woman to execute the duties of Vice President and be the mother of five children. I’m sorry, did I wake up in the 1950’s? 

Does anyone ask if a woman can be CEO of a Fortune 500 company on call 24/7 to deal with the massive duties? No, their lives are not plastered across the front page of the newspaper. Does anyone ask if Barack Obama can handle being a father to his two young daughters and be president? Of course not, he’s got a Y chromosome, he gets a pass.

In the 21st century, a liberal newspaper questions the capacity of a female, who happens to be conservative, to do A JOB.  Should she be barefoot and pregnant, too? I believe in free press. If a conservative rag made statements and posed these questions about Nancy Pelosi or the like, that author would be figuratively publicly flogged and black balled. 

Let’s be clear NY Times: You are hypocrites. If Sarah Palin makes a choice about how to live her life, perform her duties and raise her children, you have no right to question that unless you’re willing to expose Mr. Obama and his wife to the same scrutiny. Who cares for the Obama children? She works. But, that’s ok because she’s a liberal. She must care more.

Get over yourself. Governor Palin makes the same choice to run for Vice President as any other woman who chooses a job that requires working 24/7. Are you willing to condemn those women as well?


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