Lesson Learned

Each morning, when Sugar, the wonder dog, exits the house, she stops and listens. Inevitably, she then races to a part of the yard. My brain is not yet working, I slowly realize that she has identified a small animal in a tree. Now, this squirrel usually sits about 8 feet up in the tree. In the most audacious show of optimism Sugar jumps and continues to jump until the squirrel climbs for dear life out of sight.

Each time Sugar encounters a squirrel or raccoon or cat, she sees only-in her dog like way-her immediate goal. Unimpeded by fear or doubt, Sugar seeks that goal until she catches the animal or finds that goal unobtainable. The next small animal awaits somewhere for her to hunt uninhibited and continually optimistic.

I admire that personal belief system some mornings. When I’m awake…


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