Elitist: What does it mean?

In recent days, John McCain’s inability to recall the number of houses he and his wife own spawned calls of elitism. Money should not be the measure of one’s inherent snootiness and holier-than-though-ness. 

No one who makes $100,000.00 per year will be running for president of the United States. To be a Presidential Candidate one must have access to millions and billions of dollars. Us folks who are actually middle-class can not access those types of funds. The measure of a Presidential Candidate should be a voting record, history of speeches given and positions taken. The measure is not how much money the spouse of the candidate earns or saves. 

The measure of a candidate, in this election, should be how the candidate relates to the voters, or does not, whatever the case may be. How one addresses international conflict and the domestic economy might also be considered.

Elitist is a mental attitude which pervades the soul of a person. An elitist writes off voters who the candidate believes are beneath the candidate, whose beliefs the candidate will not hear much less adopt, who the candidate glad hands in public and who the candidate will vilify in private meetings with other elitists.

Say anything you want about McCain. He’s not an elitist.


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One response to “Elitist: What does it mean?

  1. Beck

    I only hope that people are finally discovering Senator Obama’s façade is very thin and the job of Commander in Chief is “above his pay grade.”

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