Will Seinfeld Save Microsoft from Vista?

Microsoft hired Jerry Seinfeld to rehabilitate the image of the company. Can Seinfeld save Microsoft from Vista? Probably not. As a convert to Mac, I must say that the prospect of migrating to Vista and its crises and crashes convinced me that the investment in Mac would be worth it.

Can paying millions to Seinfeld to appear in ads counter the inconvenience and trouble Vista creates? The new platform required that people purchase new software in order use peripherals. Not so many problems with Mac.

Perhaps, Microsoft could invest in better upgrades and patches that would repair its reputation. Mr. Seinfeld is funny and will be entertaining but he will not distract viewers with the critical issues created by Vista.


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  1. DecaturHeel

    Now, if only Vandelay Industries would hire Jerry to promote their latex products…THAT partnership would rock! “And you want to buy MY latex products.”

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