Surprise! It’s a hoax.

When Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer reported that that they found Big Foot in the North Georgia mountains, who REALLY thought Big Foot lived in N. Ga.? Seriously. 

We have bears and any other manner of wildlife here in the piney woods and the Appalachian Trail. William Lett, an Indiana man, negotiated a deal for Tom Biscardi of California to purchase this Big Foot from Whitton/Dyer. Lett now wants Whitton/Dyer arrested for fraud. Come on. If Lett was so concerned, why did he not take an actual look at the thing before purchasing or make it a condition of the deal that he check out the corpse? Are Big Foot hunters really that naive?

This little tale falls into the category of the Great American Hoaxes. Grow up. An inspection of the carcass would have revealed a zipper and synthetic hair. A brain surgeon and rocket scientist are not required for this endeavor.

If someone has $50,000.00 to waste on a Big Foot, he also has could stand to lose $50k on a hoax. Caveat emptor!



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2 responses to “Surprise! It’s a hoax.

  1. John Provocative

    Biscardi is the big fish. Go after him.
    Google “John Provocative” bigfoot
    Google Bigfoot Catskill

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