Big Surprise?

Why is everyone now so bent out of shape about John Edwards’ affair? The Enquirer has been reporting for several months that Mr. Edwards was involved in some nefarious doings with a woman not his wife. Why all the surprise now?

Sadly, Mr. Edwards follows a long tradition of men in positions of power or perceived power who violate their marital vows because they each thought themselves “master of the universe” and “beyond question.” At the rate we’re going, however, the only politician getting away with being “beyond question” is Senator Barack Obama.

Mr. Edwards betrayed his wife and his family. He also lied to people who supported him. He lied even while he admitted the affair, ignoring his encounter with the Enquirer at a Beverly Hills hotel in July 2008. (That would be a time other than 2006 when he claimed to be having the affair.) Mr. Edwards wants it both ways. He would like to admit his “mistake” and misjudgment without admitting the duration of the affair. Without  admitting that he lied to all those people who voted for him while his wife suffered both with disease and an arrogant, jerk of a husband.

No, John Edwards should just be ashamed. Yes, he’s human. We are all entitled to our flaws. My trouble is that he persists in the fraud. He cheated, get over it. But, he needs to be honest and correct his statement. Then, he should quietly return to his law practice and stay there. Perhaps he can coach little league. That might help him pass the time.



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4 responses to “Big Surprise?

  1. You miss the point. Here is a Democrat that ran on Family and social values (albeit hardcore Marxist terminology). He is a modern Elmer Gantry, preaching to the people as he is schtumping his staff. On top of it, it seems he is using campaign money to pay her off – this is a major story that needs to be told – if only to further illustrate that CHARACTER MATTERS. If he will misappropriate funds from his campagn, he will do it with Tax payer funds as well. He may not have been President, but he was in line for a cabinet post.

  2. salmonandgrits

    No, the point is moot for me. He’s not the first raging hypocrite to run for office and he won’t be the last. Character does matter, I’m just shocked that at the outrage and surprise. Was he somehow a golden boy — without flaw? Is that how people see him? Yes, it’s character. The information is good to have, but it’s not like he actually got a nomination or elected to anything. Take him off the pike, get on to some real news.

  3. No, the outrage should be at the media that covered for this man for almost 2 years. Just 2 weeks ago the LA times forbade any mention of the growing story. This is just another example of a Democrat that was made prominent by the media. They gave him support and coverage that put him in the first tier of candidates during the primary. I ask, what are they hiding bout Obama?

  4. Monica

    The surprise was not that he had an affair, but at the timing of the affair. Did he really think he could have an affair in the midst of a presidential campaign and no one would find out about it? Or did he think that if people found out about it they wouldn’t care? After all, look at Bill Clinton’s affairs, it didn’t seem to affect support for him at all.

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