Boycott the Olympics

The Olympics have become a giant sponsorship competition NOT a sports competition. Do I have issues with how China treats their employees, foreign press and the environment? Yes. But my boycott is based on more personal reasons.

NBC. A friend trained for the last three years (that I’ve known him, but longer than that I’m sure) for the shot put U.S. Olympic Trials. During the Olympic trials this year, NBC chose to ignore all but four of the twelve finalists for the shot put while showing all the heats in the track competitions. NBC showed repeated ads for their sponsors but would not take the time to show a list of the finalists for the shot put.

NBC does NOT care about the athletes or the competition. NBC seems to only care about covering its sponsor’s contracts. NBC fails to comprehend that it covers this historic athletic competition and owes a duty to the ATHLETES who trained, including those who were simply finalists on the American stage.

I will be boycotting the Olympics, inspite of the fact that I truly enjoy the competition. Alas, this seems to be the only way to make my point since NO ONE at NBC responds to email.



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2 responses to “Boycott the Olympics

  1. Of course you are right. NBC does not care about the athletes. They are a business providing coverage that people will watch. Yet, it is not pure profit that they seek. If so, there would be wall to wall women’s tennis and Women’s beach volleyball (only sports I plan to watch this olympics for obvious reasons. The games themselves are a sham and travesty. YOU SHOULD BOYCOTT due to the fact that a murderous totalitarian regime is once again given the games and treated like a member of the civilized world. Humanity has no shame and world opinion is worthless.

  2. salmonandgrits

    My concern is the fake show that they put on about the underdog athlete or the athlete with family issues. In reality, it’s all a put on.

    Besides, MY boycott doesn’t have to reach the ground in China, the Olympics could be anywhere and I’d boycott. China’s just a whole other blog…

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