#1 as Double Edged Sword

Apparently, the University of Georgia Football players aspire to another #1 ranking: most arrests in one year, most suspensions and discharges from the team. They’ve made a good start. Friday night/Saturday morning began the newest round of aspiring mug shot possessors. 

Less than 24 hours after being declared the #1 football team in the coach’s poll, the football team of my alma mater decided to lose more players. How many arrests does it take for people to learn that they should stay away from alcohol. Alcohol makes people stupid. The young men have a reputation to repair, nevermind upholding some utopian standard.

Someone should order them, as a condition of their scholarships to stay away from parties, bars, and masses of drunk people (except at games where the drunk people are held at bay). By and large alcohol plays a leading role in ALL of the suspensions, discharges and arrests for these guys. 

They have their education paid for, at least most of them do, and they are expected to uphold a higher standard. They’re failing. I’m not sure how to fix this. Perhaps someone should explain to these bright guys what happened to Odell Thurman or the Florida State Criminoles who managed to get themselves arrested and moved out of first place.

The bad apples, because many players are staying out of trouble, are embarrassing the rest of the University and the alumni, NOT JUST THEMSELVES. GROW UP. Nothing good happens after 11 p.m. Go home, go to bed, study your play book, read a book, heaven forbid-study.



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2 responses to “#1 as Double Edged Sword

  1. Keep in mind “boys will be boys” and they are young. Having the time of their life in college and away from mommy and daddy. However they should have a committment to the team….that is why they are there.

    Best of luck!


  2. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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