Proverbial Gloves are Off

Finally, the 2008 Election is getting interesting. A month before Labor Day and McCain has called Obama on the carpet for being a “rockstar,” Obama now whines about the low blow, McCain replies by notifying the world that Obama “played the race card.” Sweet.

Can’t wait to see who draws the first real injury. Although it may actually be McCain, the hourly polls conducted by everyone with an abacus seem to indicate that whatever McCain is doing is working. McCain’s pulling closer to even.

Funny, no one paid attention to the literate, staid ads highlighting the dry and boring distinctions between McCain and Obama. Now that the campaigns have moved to the no-holes-barred competition-people are paying attention. That’s why UFC and WWE are popular on cable, but PBS is publicly funded.

Unfortunately, the American public seriously needs to grow up and pay attention to the real details of the campaign. Real details do not include what Mrs. McCain and Mrs. Obama are wearing, whether the Obama girls are available for interview. No, the real details are how will each handle the pressing issues: Obama wants to tax profits on companies that provide necessary substances for the lives of Americans; McCain has a multi-million dollar Healthcare plan that will cost us lots of money. What effect will these issues have on the real life of Americans?

Oh, wait, I’m sorry, people really don’t want to think beyond the next commercial break. Nevermind. Enjoy your bloodsport. And we will all get the government we deserve because idiots don’t pay attention to issues, just sensational headlines.


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  1. It’s hard to lose when your standards are so low.JohnA.SimoneJr.John A. Simone Jr.

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