Media Decides Which Criminal Case Makes Headlines

Ladies and Gentlemen: I spent the morning with Fox News as the back drop to my work. It struck me as odd that the only missing and murdered people who made consistent headlines were WHITE and FEMALE. There was one Amber alert posted just once looking for an African American male who allegedly took some children.

Honestly, I prefer FoxNews over other news providers. But I am astounded that the news alerts and updates included the minutae of the missing 2 year old in Florida and a murdered pregnant military officer in N.C. This country has hundreds of missing people from sea to shining sea. Why are white females the focus of such attention? Even to the fair and balanced media outlet?

The controversy within media circles of late has been out of balance coverage in favor of Obama to the neglect of McCain. But the self righteous media turn a blind eye to the color of its own coverage when crime and salaciousness are involved. What not enough drama in the drug cartels moving into suburban Atlanta? Murder after murder. Children are missing throughout this country. Why not devote time and energy to following clues to aid underfunded law enforcement agencies? No glamour in that though.

Media ethics. Media ethics. Media ethics. Who determines the standard? I hope its not the media.


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