Life is So Good by George Dawson and Richard Glaubman

What a wonderful autobiography/biography! George Dawson packed so much life and so much wisdom into this thin book. If only we could all have shared in Mr. Glaubman’s dialogues with Dawson, what lessons we could have learned! 

George Dawson lived an amazing life during the course of three different centuries. Dawson saw the advent of the motorized vehicle, the airplane, civil rights for Blacks in the U.S. Dawson did not live a life that ended in a 5000 square foot house and a Texas sized car. No, Dawson was a humble but wise man. From humble beginnings, the grandson of a slave, Dawson learned home remedies and the value of hard work. Both tools served him well through his travels. His father taught him how to survive not only being a Black man in the South but also some valuable lessons from which we could all learn. He observed and retained everything, seemingly, he spoke little.

Glaubman learned of Dawson through an article pronouncing that then 98 year old Dawson entered school for the first time in his life, to learn to read. A door that remained closed to Dawson for so many years opened. But Glaubman, I have no doubt, heard so much more wisdom than he could communicate to us.

I highly recommend this book for everyone. Wisdom, insight and adventure abound.


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  1. Amber Weikel

    i heard about mr. dawson in my english 3 class just last week. we watched the video of him on opera and i was very inspired. i don’t like to read much but i plan on getting this book and reading it. And i plan to incourage other people to read it too.

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