San Antonio, Here we come!

On Wednesday, we left Atlanta via the WORLD’S busiest airport. Ok, maybe just the US’s busiest, but the population of the airport seemed to exceed the per capita space designated for capacity. AirTran was on time and we arrived at San Antonio Airport, thankfully not the busiest airport on time.

Through Hotwire, we ACTUALLY scored a four star hotel at a really great price. La Mansion del Rio is beautiful and on the Riverwalk. In lieu of valet parking at $28 per day, we opted for the public parking across the street, $7.50 day. Below is the evening view from our hotel room.

We ate dinner on the Riverwalk at Countyline BBQ. John ordered a sampler plate, and I sampled. The meat was pretty good but covered with sauce. I found it difficult to taste the actual meat due to the heavy taste of the sauce. Their sweet tea passed muster (they understand how to make the tea but not enough sugar.) The half loaf of bread was good. If you’re stuck on the Riverwalk and need a place to eat, Countyline would be fine. But if you’re hunting great BBQ, you might investigate other options.


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