Have a little respect!

Yesterday at Monticello, former president Jefferson’s home, current President George W. Bush spoke and gave the oath of citizenship to people who have done everything necessary to become naturalized citizens of this country.

Protesters, more concerned about themselves than the honor and ceremony for these newly minted citizens, heckled President Bush. While I agree that the First Amendment provides everyone the right speak, I also believe that citizens should be able respect people around them.

These “valiant” RUDE protesters marred the ceremony for a group of people who worked very hard to obtain the citizenship that we who were born here take for granted. When I say take for granted, I don’t mean in any way to commend these protesters on July 4. People immigrate from countries where their internet service is censored, where honest votes cannot be cast for fear of retribution, where people are simply forbidden from criticizing the leader of the country in any way, shape or form. These protesters chose to make a spectacle of themselves, which is their right. Some of the people around them-thankfully-attempted to stop their childish outburst-which was their right AS WELL.

If you want to protest, find a different venue. Heckle the President when it’s not a special day for other people. You were disrespectful and rude. Be courteous to others. Seems we’ve lost that capacity in this country.


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  1. I agree. I ran across a sampling of the test given to those wishing to become American citizens. It would be most interesting for those hecklers to take it and see if they could name the head of the Supreme Court, give the accurate number of amendments, identify Susan B. Anthony. I’m sorry, but like the man said, “You can’t fix stupid.”

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